Saturday, 24 May 2014

Build a Strong AngularJS Foundation

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Angular

This video series gives a much friendlier introduction to AngularJS than the documentation available on the AngularJS website and includes examples and exercises to clarify your understanding. It manages to cover a lot but the coverage is very cursory and the short, sharp videos make it feel a bit rushed.

When I started watching this series I found myself constantly checking if a video had really ended or if there was a playback problem. They end very suddenly and most unexpectedly. Often many topics are promised at the beginning but only the most crucial are really explained and most videos end with one feeling there should’ve been more.

The promise of the title is kept and all fundamental aspects of AngularJS are  explained as well as being clarified with examples and exercises. Views, Controllers, Services, Directives and Testing are covered with an added bonus section on Animation. I enjoyed the succinctness of the demonstrations, often books and video series blur the concepts with elaborate examples. 

The series divides into seven sections with each section covering a core aspect of AngularJS. The sections can be viewed in any order as the examples and exercises are fairly independent though they do build upon previous learnings.

If you already have a fair grasp of Javascript development and are starting-out with AngularJS this is a good way to rapidly get a foundation.

Rating: 4 / 5


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